Whether you are dealing with chronic back or neck pain, sports related injury, recovering from an automobile accident, or any other serious orthopedic condition, Elite Ortho can develop a specialized treatment program that offers faster recovery and better outcomes than traditional therapies. Wherever possible, we emphasize non-surgical and minimally-invasive approaches that restrict tissue damage and reduce the time needed for recuperation. We integrate those approaches with innovative technology and advanced techniques that promote fuller recovery in shorter timeframes. That means better strength and range of motion, and significant reductions in pain.

At Elite Orthopedics, we know that everyone is different, and we offer a full range of treatment programs that are specially designed and developed for each patient. There are a number of factors that impact the effectiveness of a particular treatment, from the type of injury to age and fitness levels. By catering to the specific requirements of each patient, we can make sure that patient needs are guiding the treatment, and not the other way around.

Our team of expert medical professionals is highly trained and has impressive backgrounds and long track records of successful patient outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, they share a philosophy of looking forward, advancing their respective fields with innovative techniques and technologies that take a ‘best of the best’ approach that unifies surgery, physical therapy, diet and exercise, helping patients realize the most complete recovery possible.